Elena Elfrink-Diakonova (1970) was born and raised in the heart of Russia, in Moscow.
Drawing and painting she always did with pleasure, they were among her favorite pastimes.
"This is a way for me to share different thoughts and feelings with fellow human beings, a piece of myself. "
Since 1994 Elena lives in the Netherlands.
She paints in the realistic style of the old masters. This style is very appealing to her because she is perfectionistic and eager to learn..


• Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk in Belgium
• Different painting courses (painting among other icons)


 "A painting should speak for themselves. The mark of a successful work of art is that it touches, without a need to read the explanation first.
The famous Russian writer Chekhov once said "EYES ARE THE MIRROR OF THE SOUL." I think a successful work of art is a mirror of the "soul" of an imaged person or object. At the same time says a painting us something about the artist and his vision of the world. I think the role of art is hitting the strings of the human soul and to make it sound; the strings of joy, freedom, harmony and beauty, but also of sadness and compassion for our neighbor. Sounds nice, does it not? These are ideals to which I aspire. There are many beautiful things around us. In the modern world we are so busy that we do not see the beauty. If you at least for a moment remain silent when you see one of my works, because it touched your soul, then the picture is written not in vain ..