First we make an appointment in my atelier or in another place according to your desire. The most convenient option is the one where you give me samples of several photographs in digital form so I can enlarge it and see all the details. It can be your own photo, a photo of your favorite animal or something especially valuable for you, which can be imprinted in a still-life, your favorite place, etc. Together we choose the best option, on the basis of which I draw a picture. In this case, I would like to know what pictures posted on this site, you most like to use as an example. The process from ordering to finishing the painting takes from about three to six weeks.







The prices depend on the size, the material and the degree of difficulty of the painting. Prices include the lists. As an indication, a portrait of 30x40cm costs 495 euros. This price is based on images for one person down.
Prior to a painting task 30% of the total price should be paid in advance.


Basically, I write oil paintings in the style of realism. I prefer to work on a panel made of a durable material called masoniet. In my collection there are also works in which other materials, canvases and paints are used.


According to your desire, the picture is delivered in an exclusive, hand-painted frame, combined with it in style and color.